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Thread: sub box ideas

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    sub box ideas

    i currently have 1 kicker 12 L7 in a ported box in my reg cab silverado in between my seats. my new idea is to get another 12 and do a sealed box since im limited in space. im no expert so i wanted some opinions on how to fire the subs. my thought was to either do 1 downfiring and 1 facing the back of the cab or both downfiring. i would appreciate any feedback on the matter.

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    a car audio forum might give you some better results-- esp for a sub placement question like this-- this forum is primarily for integrating computers into cars(for a list of audio sites, there is a sticky at the top of this car audio section).

    otherwise, as long as you make sure to leave at least 2-3" of clearance between the sub and floor, i think that it should be fine.

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