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Thread: Silverado Sub Box

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    Silverado Sub Box

    Ok everyone heres my problem i have been trying to find a box to hold my subs to put in my new truck. I have a 2005 chevy silverado crew cab and im looking to put 2 12" rockford fosgate p3's in the truck without getting rid of the back seats. They have a 6.75 inch mounting depth which is where i run into a problem. Here are my subs:
    If anyone has any ideas or a place i can go 2 2 get a box that will fit please let me know thanks!!!

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    Make them - Ive seen some that fit under the seats to hold 2 10"s There just isnt enough room to get the correct cubic inch or space for the speakers to operate correctly. I had, at one time, planned on building boxes that fit under the seat. Remove the whole seat part of the sub frame - build the box in and just sit the seat on it.
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    try ebay for an box
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