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Thread: What's a good Rockford Fosgate system for my car?

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    Arrow What's a good Rockford Fosgate system for my car?

    I have a Hyundai Sonata 2002 with a good kenwood head unit and factory tweeters and speakers. I listen to a lot of electro house and mostly stuff with a fair bit of bass!!.

    I can't afford a sub right now so i'm just getting speakers and possibly an amplifier.

    My questions are: Are component speakers that much better than coaxle and worth the extra money?
    Will an amplifier do any good, especially for getting extra bass, or is running off head unit fine?
    And is punch that much better than prime speakers?

    The guy in the shop reccomended 6.5" component for front and 6.9" prime for rear... Hmm..

    Cheers dudes

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    good and rockford fosgate in the same sentance? trying to make a joke? lately, i haven't seen too much good come out of RF, but i am not a fan of the way their stuff sounds(most of their subs are weak, and the tweeters sound like a metal trash can in a thunderstorm to me, but to all their own..).

    i think that a sub will do you more good than a 4 speakers and a amp--esp for electronica-- and if you look around, you should be able to find a amp/sub setup that costs just as much as a amp/4speakers...

    component speakers generally speaking usually have better parts, and can usually handle a more power, and have different mounting options than their coax counterparts

    but, if you just want to slap some new speakers in your car, coax speakers are easiest to do this with..

    also, don't limit yourself to whatever the audio guy at the local shop says is amazing-- try it all out with your own music, and find a set of speakers that impresses you-- you are after all the one paying for it all, and will have to live with the speakers after the sale...

    but, if you can convince the audio shop guy to pay for it, by all means, get whatever he says is good

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    I recommend components in the front if you're going to be listening to a lot of voice or trance type stuff, it'll make everything sound a lot clearer. But I'd go with just some 2-way coaxials in the rear, my old setup was:
    Rockford Fosgate 2 way 6x9 speakers in rear
    Rockford Fosgate 2 way 4x6 speakers in front
    Rockford Fosgate Punch HE12 12 inch subwoofer in ported box
    Rockford Fosgate Power 250m amplifier

    The system was awesome and the sound even from these speakers was crystal clear as far as I noticed. And the speakers weren't amplified so I would say you're good without it. My ultimate suggestion is to buy whatever good new parts you can and don't try and get more by buying lower end or used parts. You'll regret it.
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    Well honestly I compared RF to the Type S Alpines at a similar price, and i thought they were just a bit better.. And enough bass for me anyway..
    The store guy said alpine head units were the best, but their speakers in general were not out of the ordinary. I'm only really going off what he said as I which is why I joined this forum

    I need the speakers as I've got two working factory speakers at the moment and they buzz alot!

    Oh and he's installing them not me so not worried about installation or mounting..
    Oh I wish he'd pay for it

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    this is primarily a forum for installing and integrating computers into cars, so audio advice is a little on the slim side, but you are welcome to stick around for the fun!

    the biggest problem with asking about anything audio is that EVERYTHING is subjective--i have heard more than once that alpine makes the best head units, but it took almost 4 years of passing through audio shops(on avg. i spend abouth an hour in audio shops every trip) to figure out how to adjust the bass, and treble.
    i learned how to adjust my old pioneers in 15min, and only cracked open the manual when i got bored...

    there is tons to learn about audio, and there is no perfect set of speakers that everyone likes-- that is why you need to almost ignore whatever brand other people tell you is "the best" and listen to the equipment and find what works best for you..

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