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Thread: Help choosing what subs to go with my amp and how to wire it best.

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    Help choosing what subs to go with my amp and how to wire it best.

    I have a audi tt and am going to replace head unit with pioneer f90bt and replace the factory sub with a different 8in and then wanted to put a 10in sub in the trunk. I have a phoenix gold xenon 600.1 mono amp that was gave to me and Im wanting to know what is the best combination of a 8 and 10 spec wise that i should buy(2ohm,4ohm,dual?) and how to wire it to get the best out of them? I listen to metal/rock music mostly but some rap. I was looking at rockford fosgate 8in because thats what was shown as a good replacement for the factory amp.

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    get one 10"

    I would recommend that you go with just one 10 inch sub or one 12 inch sub because sometimes mixing subwoofer sizes can sound bad. They pick up different notes and dont mix well most of the time. With that amplifier you could just get a single ten inch alpine type R and that would be a good set up for rock and that type of music. Let me know what you think, good luck!!

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    Well I already have a factory 8in sub that I wanted to replace with a different one. I was looking at buying these 2 subs, Rockford Fosgate P210D4
    10" 500W Dual 4-ohm Subwoofer, Rockford Fosgate P2D48
    8" 400W Dual 4-Ohm Subwoofer

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    if your doing it like that you will need some serious filtering to get it to work right with different sized subs. if you just hook em up on ordinary amp crossovers the bass will just be a muddy mess!

    go with one or two 10's and save the money from the 8 you would have bought for a set of components to go up front. it will sound MUCH better
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    Agreed frugmonkey, I installed a 12" alpine type r in a friends civic in a ported box running 600 watts rms off a alpine pda amp and it sounded great. He only listens to metal type music and rock, I played some hiphop and rap through it as well and it still sounds great. Just an idea, a single 12 will sound good with a solid amplifier and proper wiring. Along with a nice set of components up front, like said above.

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    I also advise against two different sizes. If you're doing 8", do two of them. Personally, if you have the room, do one or two 12". Otherwise, I would say one or two 10". Mixing sizes sounds horrible because each size is designed to respond to certain frequencies IIRC.
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    You can likely put a quality 10" in the factory 8" enclosure, keeping everything looking stock...I did this with my SVT Focus.

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