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Thread: Newbie question about Double din options

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    Newbie question about Double din options

    Hi everyone. Several places sell these 2-din units from china that have control for an ipod, GPS, video input, etc. Some of these have godawful interfaces or the resolution is low. While a nice car pc would be great, it's greatly overkill for what I'm trying to do. All I really need is a 7" screen running at 480x234(or whatever these run at) or greater. All I really care about is the ability to control an iPod while using the GPS. Backup camera support would be nice too.

    Does anyone have some experience with these 2-Din units and knows of one that would let me do this I'd be grateful. Right now though, a lot of these vendors don't seem to communicate too well and they're not able to provide the info I'm looking for.

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    I bought one of these with the long term plan to install some flavour of linux onto it.
    What I found with the OEM interface is that you have full control of the ipod (or CD or storage card) but each time you start up the unit it needs to rebuild the database of tracks. Some times it doesnt connect 1st (2nd or 3rd) time when you start up with the ipod already plugged in.
    When you want to check the GPS (or play games) the music stops.
    In retro-spect the hardware is good and nicly packaged but iv yet to find a way to change the embedded OS

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    It's running windows CE...IDK if you can change it. Is there a website dedicated to these? There's a piece of software called MioPocket that could potentially be used to switch between things, that is if the ipod is being controlled from some program.

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    i know there is the avic site-- dedicated to hacking the pioneer avic units, but other then that, i kind of think that those cheap chinese units follow the "you get what you pay for" adage...

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