My plan is to set up a system 4 way active. I completed my work on the car, and I connected 4 amps, 2 capacitors and a 3 way speaker set to my car. I only need a high quality soundcard which has internal routing and asio compatibility. My mainboard only have pci-e connection. So now my possibilities about sound cards are:

- pci-e firewire card + M-Audio firewire 410. $25 firewire card + $150 used firewire 410

- pci-e firewire card + M-Audio profire 610. $25 firewire card + $250-275 profire 610

- M-Audio fasttrack 8R (usb). normally it is a very expensive card, but I found used somewhere it is again expensive: $300

- pci-e extender + pci-e to pci card + M-Audio 1010lt: I do not have any room in the case, so I will use a pci-e extender and get my pci-e slot out of the case, then use a pci-e to pci card, then use M-Audio 1010lt. it costs: $10 + $30 + $160

I'm planning to use windows 7 with centrafuse 3. I can use audiomulch or console. I wish to be able to hibernate. And also I don't know if their sound quality are different or not. If you know anything, if you can advice me, I'll be very happy!