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Thread: one channel on amp isnt working right.

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    one channel on amp isnt working right.

    I have a Boss D500.2 2 channel amp 1000watts.
    and 2 12" pioneers subs.
    Boths subs work properly.
    The right channel on the amp works fine
    but the left channel doesnt, itll produce sound on the sub connected to it but it is very very low.
    i hooded up both subs to the right channel and they both play properly.
    and i even briged one sub to the amp - left channel using "positive" and right channel using "negative" and it worked fine. i also hooked up the other sub and it worked properly.
    so im guessing the left "negative" isnt working properly?..

    any ideas?

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    Im sure there is a nice car audio forum out there that can help you with your problem, but it seems like your amp is stuck in mono (right channel only)

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    stuck in mono...
    but bridge mode works?
    or is that because its stuck in mono and it disables the left negative but keeps the left positive live?

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