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Thread: adding an amp and sub to a bose system with re-q and line driver

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    adding an amp and sub to a bose system with re-q and line driver

    So I am looking for a little more bass in my girlfriends 08 mazda 6 with Bose in it and have some questions.

    I started out with a basic line converter at the factory sub connection in the trunk and ran that to a sony amp and sub I had laying around. With all gains maxed out I barely got any response from the sub. I figured that because it's Bose and Factory that I probably have a weak, crappy signal. I then added a PAC line driver and scrubbed the converter for a re-q 5. It sounded a lot better but I just blew the sony amp up. I'm aware of the "quality" of my old, Wal-mart purchased sony amp, but before I get a better one I want to make sure that I am not sending too much input signal and will blow up anything I put in there. I have never kept a factory radio installed in any kind of car audio, but changing the Mazda one out seems borderline ridiculous with all of its integration, So I am trying to make due with what I got. Is there a better way to get a good signal to my amp? Any help is GREATLY appreciated.

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    have a car audio specific question?

    this forum is primarily for installing computers in cars, so audio specific advice is a little slim, but in your case, a mazda forum might have better info on integrating a amp..


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