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Thread: Do Subwoofers Go on Sale During Black Friday?

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    Do Subwoofers Go on Sale During Black Friday?

    I was just wondering, because I am going to be ordering 4 Kicker Comp 10" Subs and all my wires, amp, etc and I know some things just don't go down in price during Black Friday, are subs one of these things?

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    It all depends on where you go to buy them. Subs will be on sale somewhere, but no guarantee to be brand specific.
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    2,176 would be a good place to start looking...

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    last year, the car audio deals weren't very good in the midwest, it was mostly no-name stuff at about 20%off.. one of the shops near my house consistently has buy-one-get-one-free kicker subs almost all year round though..

    or you can just wait and see--with places like, etc., it might be cheaper online..

    just do your research, and learn what a good deal is before buying anything under a big "SALE!!!!" sign

    i still laugh about it-- when circuit city went under, people were sitting in lines for hours for prices that were higher then the old CC price(a car audio dvd hu that used to sell for $300 was selling out at $399..), the only difference was that the price was marked 20% off retail and there were huge CLOSEOUT!! signs..

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