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Thread: soundcard or usb spdif?

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    soundcard or usb spdif?

    Whats the best way to run straight into my PXA-H701 from my carpc? I am in the process of building the pc and thinking do I even need a soundcard or shall I just use a usb to spdif converter instead. I prefer the idea of a converter but are there any decent ones out there without built in DACS up to a bit perfect SQ job?

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    You need a soundcard of some sort...

    I'm guessing the "usb to spdif converter" is actually a soundcard, but I'm not really sure -- do you have a link for it?

    Does the PXA-H701 need a *faceplate* (ie: something to control volume/effects/etc)? If not I might have to look into one of these....

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    I got the RUX-C701 controller for volume/processing control etc. Im thinking this:

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    Think the computer sees it as a soundcard even though really its just a converter but I havent used one so im not fully sure. You can control the processor from some alpine headunits either that or you need the controller, there are tons of threads on this processor.

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