Holy Thread Revival Batman!!

Okay, I wanted to give an update to what I have found with this card, after FINALLY getting it installed in my car.

I am running a powered digital TV antenna as the aerial for this card, its the Digitec unit from Jaycar.

FM radio is good, in my car its the same sound quality / reception as the Visteon/HD radio unit plugged into my normal car radio antenna.

Digital TV works, i'm currently using Arcsoft TotalMedia 3.5 for TV playback, and it works okay, however I need to move the antenna to a better location (It's currently zip-tied to the back of my rear seat headrests, will probably work better framed into a window so there is less steel blocking the antenna).

DAB+, the reason I bought this card.... It works, kind of

What happens with the DAB+ side of things, I get full quality reception, no interference, and the reception is good up to a tested 120km/h. HOWEVER....There is a problem with the Realtek drivers, and this seems to be a problem from Realtek's end, as it affects all Realtek RTL2032U based units. The DAB+ feed plays back 6.6% slower, it appears to be a problem with the way its decoding the AAC+ stream, from what I can tell. So what happens, is the music sounds slower, and has a lower frequency to all of the sound. This continues, until the sound cuts, and comes back in a little more closer to realtime, but still playing slowly (I assume because a buffer has filled up, so it flushes the buffer and resyncs with the stream). It would be interesting to see if anyone in the UK, or any other area that just has DAB, not DAB+ has the same issue, as I believe its a different stream type?

I want to confirm that THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH DRIVING / MOVING AT SPEED. There have been some comments that this chipset is no good for in car applications. This is incorrect. The 6.6% slower speed is there whether this unit is used while moving, or completely stationary.

I have gone back to Mygica, who I have been dealing with in regards to the SDK, to see whether they are able to push Realtek to investigate the driver issue.

I'll let you all know if I can get some more info on this, and whether there are any possible solutions.

If I can get the driver issue sorted, then this will become my daily radio module, and I will try to organise some programming to integrate it into Centrafuse or similar.