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Thread: M-Audio Transit versus X-fi

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    M-Audio Transit versus X-fi

    My knowledge is decent on car audio but pretty sketchy on using the computer as a source so I am asking those in the know to help me with this.

    I have been thinking I would like to ditch my X-fi for something that will pass the 16/44.1 and 24/96kHz audio through to my Alpine H700 processor optically. I do want to preserve the ability to do Dobly Digital 5.1, it is part of my build. At this time, I believe I will continue to use CF3.1 however if Winamp is a must, I would embed it in CF if possible to use just for music playback.
    I am using a laptop so USB really is my only option at this time.

    I have been reading (hence thinking) that the M-Audio Transit would be a good option however I believe it is only USB1 - is that a big deal?
    Are there better choices out there for < $100 in newer technology.
    I think the Transit will do what I want - deliver an unmodified optical signal (if I use something other that CF 3.0?) and allow an optical input from my Satellite translator box (just to eliminate noise, I understand the sat audio signal is not great).

    Thanks for all insight offered.
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    Well, no opinions or experinces eh?
    I was taught that sometimes you need to ask a better question to get the answers you need so let me try again. I think I asked too much in one question.
    So let me start with this:

    Would replacing the software laden, slow starting Sound Blaster X-Fi card that is USB2.0 with the M-Audio Transit USB 1 card be a bad move?
    I have read very good things about this card but again it is older technology.
    My 2007 Ford F350 Work Log located HERE

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