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Thread: Pioneer Deck...PLZ HELP!!!

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    Pioneer Deck...PLZ HELP!!!

    Right now I have a pioneer in-dash music receiver "DEH-P3100". This player doesn't have an aux. input. That's my main goal to find a "faceplate" that I could use with the same housing that has either an aux. input or allows bluetooth connectivity. I've been searching all over 2 find a solution but nothing as yet.
    Below are pics of the faceplate and housing:

    Some where taken at night sorry.
    I'm also putting a link to the pioneer site. I searched this and have only found some that most likey would have the aux. and fit the housing.

    Or if I have to buy an entire system.

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    no assistance
    looks like I'll have to stick 2 CDs or buy a completely new receiver ((

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