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Thread: HU wiring alternative?

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    HU wiring alternative?

    i have a 2006 audi a4. with a connects2 harness which is wired 2 my avic f900bt. while installing my aftermarket rearview camera my power and ground connections contacted. now i have no power to my HU. the HU is fine but the power to the HU is no longer a go. i replaced the fuse, relay and now believe the somewhere the wire is shorted. is there an alternative way to deliver power to the HU?

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    p.s i have no ACC power for some reason.

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    Check all your fuses. If you have no ACC power, there will be another fuse that is blown.
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    +1 for blown fuse. Now, you say the HU is fine but you won't know that for sure until you can actually turn it on.

    We have a Honda Pilot that has two fuse boxes, one inside the car, the other in the engine compartment. Yours may be the same. If you cannot find the fuse, get a multimeter (you can find extremely inexpensive analog ones at Home Depot or Radio Shack but I prefer the digital ones). Google up a video on how to use a multimeter to measure DC voltage, then start at the HU, turn the ignition to the on/accessory position and check the pins in the wiring harness to see you have power. If not, the loss of power occurs upstream somewhere.

    Move to the fuse box and remove the radio fuse. Put one probe of the multimeter into one side of the fuse slot and ground the other probe. If you don't get any voltage, move the probe over to the other slot in the fuse box (I'm assuming you have the blade style fuses).

    If you don't get any voltage, the problem occurs before the fuse box. In my car, there are a set of fusible links that sit right on top of the car battery and look like shiny flat wires. You may have something similar or a set of fuses or even circuit breakers in the engine compartment. Check those.

    Keep moving upstream until you find voltage, then move back downstream until you don't have any voltage. The reason for the break will be in between.

    A wiring diagram for the radio circuit will be incredibly helpful. Hit one of the Audi forums and search for one or ask if anyone has one. I suspect this type of problem happens commonly and someone may be able to just tell you "there's a secondary fuse box located...wherever".
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    Blown fuse or worse case burn wire but less likely unless the fuse is rate higher than the wire.
    there is only 2 wires that supply power to the HU. One is constant and the other is ACC. Look at your car user manual or fuse panel to find correct fuse. What other thing in the car is not working other than the radio?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bugbyte View Post
    +1 for blown fuse. Now, you say the HU is fine but you won't know that for sure until you can actually turn it on.

    We have a Honda Pilot that has two fuse boxes, one inside the car, the other in the engine compartment. Yours may be the same.

    my eclipse has this-- i did something very similar, but neglected to check the ones under the hood-- i ended up taking it to the dealership, and got charged waaaay too much to replace 2 10amp fuses under the hood..(though i got a really good laugh out if it, because i took my car to them missing most of the interior trim work, and i can only imagine the tech's thoughts as he walked up to it..)

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