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Thread: Pioneer DEH-P7200 Faceplate Replacement

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    Pioneer DEH-P7200 Faceplate Replacement


    I have a Pioneer DEH-P7200 (The old-school style, with dolphins, pyramids, etc - ) and recently dropped it. A plastic piece on the back broke off (I couldn't find it), which holds the faceplate upright, so now: The radio works, but the faceplate is always down (like you are going to load/unload a CD.)

    I can manually push the faceplate upright, so the contacts meet, and still use all functionality of the faceplate / radio. however, this is a pain, so I'm looking to buy JUST A NEW FACEPLATE (or refurbed / used one), and hopefully not an entirely new head-unit.

    Any help finding another faceplate would be greatly appreciated, otherwise....its on to a whole new radio. bummer.

    P.S. - If anyone is thinking of cheap replacement radios, I have subwoofers, so I need RCA sub outs. I don't care about any other 'niceties', except for being able to control the subwoofers from the head-unit. I just need to make this thing last another 2 years until i get a new car.

    Thanks again!

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    this forum is primarily for installing computers in cars, but i might be able to help a little..

    you might be able to either find one in a junk yard, or pawn shop, or you can buy a new head unit for around $100-- most in the $120-180 range have sub outputs.

    you can always pull the radio out when you get a new car, so i don't see to much to a reason to blame it on that..

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    Not a bad idea on the junk yard or pawn shop. Thanks!


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