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Thread: Recomendation for USB DAC

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    Recomendation for USB DAC

    I'm looking for a moderately or cheap USB DAC
    No amplifier (i,e headphone amp)
    2 channel phono output preffered
    USB powered preferred

    This will be plugged into a (clarion) equalizer ( and then fed onto my 4 channel amp

    theres quite a few on ebay, (chinese site) and amazon. Looking for something cheap i.e less that $100

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    I have seen a post recently regarding this one, which is the same as eBay but Parts-Express is a good company.

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    mod: sorry, i made some recommendation for optical dac-s, not for usb dac-s
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    I'm just a bit crazy here, but he did say a USB DAC, which, as far as I can tell, neither one of those are.

    This one is not as cheap as you want ($149) but well worth the money.
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    Is anyone running the HRT Music Streamer II High Resolution USB D/A Converter ? I am looking at it but would like to know if I can split each rca channel into 3's. One for front amp channel one for back channel and 1 for sub channel, 6 rca out total. Would this work or would it sound like crap. My on board sound seems to be handling it fine but i am always looking for higher SQ. Right now I have a 3 way stereo splitter that goes to 3 stereo to rca cables. So computer stereo - 3 way stereo splitter - to 3 stereo to rca cables - to the amps.

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    I highly recommend this... FUBAR II (website is currently down but should be back up soon I would imagine, the google cache is from yesterday)

    I have the original Fubar and I love it... paired it with what they call "The Supplier" power supply and its awesome

    Can't go wrong with 2v RMS output and a THD of .012

    OpAMPs are interchangable too if you want to change up the sound.


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