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Thread: installing aftermarket unit in my 1999 mercedes clk320 help!

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    installing aftermarket unit in my 1999 mercedes clk320 help!

    hi guys i need to figure out how to install my valor tv/dvd double din unit in my 1999 mercedes clk320.there are no wire harness adaptors for this car that i can not sure how to do it.i did it in my lexus es300 real of course ive seen aftermarket units in the clk320 but id love to know how they did it any help it much appreciated thanx

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    this might be a better question for a mercedes-specific forum.

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    This vehicle comes with the mercedes fiberoptic sytem , there is no wiring harness because all the speaker wires are in the trunk

    you have to remove the radio,cd changer, amplifier and rewire the vehicle, you need to run all new speaker wires from the trunk to the head unit location

    good luck

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