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Thread: No head unit. Ipod to Amp. Possible?

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    No head unit. Ipod to Amp. Possible?

    Need some advice please!

    Trying to hook up my Iphone/Touch to my amp in my car without a head unit.

    I have bought a AV Cable ( and I have a Audiobahn amp.

    Is this going to work? Please give me any advice you have.

    Thanks for your time!

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    it will halfway work.

    will it send a audio signal to the amps?

    will it be loud, and will you be able to control the volume?

    that cable sends a very low voltage signal to the amps, and bypasses the ipods internal volume control-- so you would need to use the amps gain control to change the volume level..

    i recommend this, or a similar cable(you just need a 3.5mm-to-rca cable, brand doesn't matter):

    this will send a slightly louder signal to your amps, and will also allow you to control the volume level from the ipod as well...

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    Thats awesome thanks so much for the link, much cheaper than I had gone for originally too.

    I went for the 10ft cable instead as it will reach all the way to the front of the car(plus a couple of feet)

    Thanks for the help again.

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