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Thread: Car PC from android phone idea

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    Motorol Atrix as Car PC

    So i am doing some research here as well. The Motorola Atrix is a darn powerful dual core Android Device. With the HD dock that puts all the device functionality including HDMI, USB, audio etc out to any HDMI compatible system. It also creates USB inputs for keyboards and mouses back into the device.

    We are at a point where dropping your phone into a dock and having it become the Car PC is practical!!!

    I personally like to have all my info, music and setting be available on one device rather than two and the Atrix makes that possible. Being able to get in the car and put the atrix in a cradle and have it pop up on an LCD screen is IDEAL!

    The only hurdle is being able to make a device driver for android that can accept the inputs of a 7" liliput LCD for example. Since the HD Dock already takes a keyboard and a mouse (really any mouse) what is missing. Where is the missing puzzle piece to allow the OS to see the LCD as if it were a mouse?

    Any thoughts? Ideas?

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    all you would need is the Atrix 4G phone, HDDock with hdmi cable. get a Bluetooth keyboard/trackpad/mouse...
    Your all set my friend....
    This is what I did. Pictures coming soon.

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    yea but is touchscreen controll what we really need to develope here

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    Quote Originally Posted by VegasGuy View Post
    I've used VNC Droid Server to control my phone (DroidX) from Centrafuse. There's even a version of the VNC client that embeds pretty well and will orient the screen properly. My thought after a week or two....spend $29 and get a car dock. It all works, but I'm not sure it really brings any real value to the experience. maybe a better way to put that is that we're not "quite" there yet.
    Hey VegasGuy... I thought I saw somewhere you explained in a post exactly how you did this. I can't seem to find it. Can you repost? Thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by develguy View Post
    Hey VegasGuy... I thought I saw somewhere you explained in a post exactly how you did this. I can't seem to find it. Can you repost? Thanks!
    Took me a while to find it:

    I haven't done anything with this since, either.


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    I also have an atrix and am interested in this. wouldn't you simply be able to plug the usb for the touchscreen into the atrix hd dock? I figured it would come up as a mouse pad though and not necessarily as a true touchscreen.... there is a difference.
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