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Thread: No FM Radio when CarPC is on

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    I've got a 2001 Mazda Protege.
    The Power Supply I have is, I believe, a M4-ATX 250W power supply.

    The antenna is routed through the driver's footwell, up to the Driver's A-Pillar. The computer is located under the passenger seat, with the power line coming up under the center console.

    Interference from the power supply sounds like it could be the cause... but that seems like an awfully big distance to travel, a good 4-5 feet from antenna to computer...

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    Well it was found that the interference travels on the power wires (they become the broadcasting antenna), so it's really everywhere. Sounds like you need to try the aluminum case + feed-thru cap fix, or try the DS-ATX. I am curious if all power wires need that fix, or just the 12V or ground or both.

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    it's not ideal, but I've learned to get by using the switch to flip it on... Just means I need to wait 8 seconds before using the PC, or 8 seconds before listening to the radio.... like I said, not ideal.. but acceptable.

    thanks for all your input guys. I've read the forums quite a bit over the last couple of years, but haven't posted much... glad to know that there are people here to help.

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