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Thread: USB stick/ Radio MP3 "Sound jumping/lag"

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    USB stick/ Radio MP3 "Sound jumping/lag"


    I have to admit I registered here for advice. Hope that's ok.

    The scenario:
    My 1 year old 8GB Corsair Flash Voyager usb pen has music on it. It plays fine on the car radio.

    I then added new music, since I was getting tired of listening to the old stuff. I still kept the old music, thought.

    I go to my car and attempt to listen. The old music still works great. The new music "jumps" and "lags" a lot, making it sound horrible. It's a "spastic"-like sound jumping back and forth.

    I have now tried formatting the usb pen: FAT32 Allocation: standard (have tried "high" also) but no luck - now ALL my music jumps, even the old stuff.

    I normally had the music arranged like this (example): H:\music\Greenday
    I tried rearranging it like this: H:\Greenday (so that all music folders are directly at the root)
    This did not help either.

    I would be very happy for any help you may be able to provide. Please do ask if you need further information!

    Thank you very much in advance. Peace.

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    I found out the USB pen is the problem. It was probably damaged by the humidity of my car.

    Will buy a new one which will be attached through a extension cord so that the usb pen can be insulated with a plastic bag and a rubber band.

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    To avoid any possible fragmenting and file structure issues copy everything to your freshly formatted USB stick at one time. Try to use microsoft PowerToy called SyncToy available from microsofts website. I create a floder that will be my entire USB drive and copy all the files I want, then sync this folder to the USB drive with sync toy. It solved all my music playback issues.

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