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Thread: 300w Amp Engine interference

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    300w Amp Engine interference

    Good afternoon,

    When trying to run audio through the amp and video on the VM70 touch screen there is a terrible interference that is worsened when i turn the engine on, This only happens when both amp and screen are on together, seperatley they work fine, im not sure wether this is a grounding issue as as ive said they work perfectly sepereatley in the car.

    im half expecting someone to say just use one at a time

    any help would be apprecaited. excuse me if im beign dumb.

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    I'd start with the grounding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldSpark View Post
    I'd start with the grounding.

    to expand a bit on the idea-- many times a poorly connected ground--either a dirty connection, or loose connection, or multiple grounding points for multiple pieces can cause the problems your describing. they are very common in car audio installs. i suggest you search a little for 'Ground Loop'. there is tons of info on what can cause them, and how to fix them around here..
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