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Thread: Low Profile Car Subwoofers

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    Yall are a big help and I appreciate it, I know im kindof being stubborn but im looking for something that will but some boom in my pickup cab. It seems pretty hard to find a slim sub that will hit the lows and also be loud. Im pretty set on my box because I really dont wanna build one and it seems like the best truck box I could find for a good price. Im looking for a sub that can shake my truck, I know it sounds stupid but im only 16 hahaha so if yall could help me out and suggest a good loud one that will be awesome.
    Thanks again

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    huh, it looks like is down at the moment.. but the link that durwood provided to the home theater site provides a lot of good info about it.

    being that you want to use your existing box, you will need to use the volume measurements, and plug them into a box modeling program to see how all the shallow subs react using that box.

    honestly, me, or durwood are bad people to talk to about 'getting a bumpin system.' both of our installs focus more on sound quality then on disturbing the neighbors. though either does a ok job of it when required ..

    and i don't think you have been officially warned-- this forum is mostly for installing computers in cars, and as such, there isn't many resources, or members here that are
    have a lot to do with audio systems. there are a good handful of people(durwood, myself, gizmo, and philg are about 'it' these days), but a car audio specific forum is definitely going to have more info. check the sticky at the top of this car audio section for a couple of sites..

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    So what is the box volume and is it for 10's or 12's?

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