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Thread: ASIO 4 all on Atom board - basic sound processing only?

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    ASIO 4 all on Atom board - basic sound processing only?

    I have the usual Intel D945GCLF2 motherboard, atom dual 1.6gig.

    I want to pick up a second USB DAC, and have one feeding the mids up front, and the second pushed out to another amp for subwoofers.

    Can the atom board support splitting the signal into 2 frequency bands? I don't want to do timing etc, just basically have it so frequency below x -> DAC 1, frequency above x -> DAC 2.

    Or am I better off just splitting the output of the 1 dac and feeding it to two amps, and having the amps do the crossover work using the frequency controls on the front of them?

    The system currently runs win7, CF3.5, GMPC for nav and TotalMedia 3.5 for DAB+ / DTV viewing (on odd occasions and for testing). I think the cpu sits at about 20% useage in normal situations.

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    you can definitely try it.. everything has a free demo, so it can't hurt..

    on that same board with 3-way active setup using some poorly coded x-over plugins, and rr, i would get audio drop-out's at almost anything above 30% cpu...

    some recommendations for low cpu utilization-- try it using audiomulch, not console--when i used console, it seems to use more cpu with the same plugins (i only used console on that board because it was all i could afford at the time). the best filter program i have used so far is rubberfilter. it has relatively low cpu use, and a lot of features.

    and instead of using A4A to try to get a ASIO setup, just try to use VAC to get the audio into the program, and stick with the windows drivers-- so the processor doesn't need to work any harder..

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    TBH I'd just use an external signal processor / eq in-between the carputer and amps. I understand you probably don't want to, but in the end it probably won't be as much more money out of pocket, and it'll be a hell of alot easier to settup.

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