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Thread: Audio AUX port from 8 pin connector? Or from CD? pic inside

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    Quote Originally Posted by soundman98 View Post
    lots to discuss!!

    carpc joycon: this would allow 'some' steering wheel buttons to work with the car pc. but you need to know your way around the car to use it. for the joycon to work, each button needs to send a different resistance when pressed-- you map that resistance level to a certain feature. if you car uses any sort of ecu bus, or converts the button presses to a digital signal, the joycon will not work without modifying buttons/wiring in the car. there is a good chance you could get everything looking stock, ut i would expect it to take a lot of work.

    cd changer-, take 2:
    you said that you have the cd changer already?
    many thanks for your answer.

    By "bus" youre referring to this?

    Nope, no cd changer installed....

    A new aftermarket radio with an aux input and a proper interface for it should be easier....

    BUT this is a not very good solution!

    If I remove the stock radio to the trunk I can see the radio info at the SID (Saab INFO display above the radio in the pic). If I put an aftermarket radio in the trunk I will loose this info (and I do need the space of the stock radio for the 8" monitor).

    Is there a way I could see the radio info/display by my carputer 8"monitor?
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    Quote Originally Posted by soundman98 View Post
    cd changer:
    many times, you will not be able to just connect a audio signal to the cd changer input, and get it to work. all radios sense the presence of a cd either by certain wires getting connected/shorted, or a resistor across certain wires, or they use a digital circuit so the cd changer can talk to the radio..

    the shorted wires, and resistor values are ok to work with-- not easy, but not too hard if you locate the correct schematics.. but digital circuits are way above my for the 'balanced audio':

    soundman98, do you think there are certain specialised audio shops that can solve this?
    I have the money, so Id just need someone to do this. But Ive asked around here and no audio shops are willing to do it.

    Id be willing to know if I could send/ship my stock radio to some internet audio shop for them to move the current CD signal to the carputer one. Which audio shop could do somethg like this to the factory radio?

    Or is this somethg I would have to be phisically present when done?

    I guess opening up the unit, and getting the carputer audio signal instead of the current CD signal should be easier for an audio shop thats located far away from my home city, than finding an emulator or adapter /solving the CD changer audio signal to carputer audio signal issue.

    P.S: getting the radio data in the carputer monitor seems even more difficult, so an aftermarket radio is not the solution for the moment.
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    you might be able to contact a saab dealer-- some might have this info, otherwise, you might need to locate a electronics repair shop-- some might take a project like this on.

    i kinda think that it might be easier, and cheaper, to add a cd changer, and tap into the audio signal, then to reverse-engineer the radio though.

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    Wondering if you found any solution yet? I'm currently working on my Car PC too for a 2001 Saab 9-3.
    Basics: The audio interface is balanced indeed and if you want to tap into the CD Changer lines and get aux to work this way, you need to communicate with the head unit via the car's CAN bus and let it "know" that there is a CD changer connected. Not simple but it can be done. Check for one working solution.

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