Hi. I've recently bought a Nov 08 Citroen Grand Picasso Exclusive. My previous car had a Bluetooth-compatible radio which worked really well. I thought I could just fit a similar one into my new car because the existing one (badged Citroen, but I'm told its a Clarion) doesn't have BT capability. Wrong!!
Apparently, most modern cars run on a bus system, Can-Bus being one of the most common. Mine is one of these. If I fit an after-market radio, I have to get it "seen" by the ECU, and certain types do not have car display, or stalk control "seen".
Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can fit an after-market radio with Bluetooth, and which will retain all its existing features?
I can buy some extra bits of kit, but they would cost several hundred pounds even before I bought a radio!!
Thanks in advance.