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Thread: Small amplifier board reviews for in-dash double DIN PC

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    Quote Originally Posted by stretch4x4 View Post
    This shop has a range of small amps:
    I am planning on the same thing but still looking.
    I have a similar amp to the red 500W Car Motorcycle Boat model in this shop.
    I have 2 of them side-by-side in the dash, one for FR+FL and one for RR+RL and you can check them out in my worklog here (third post).
    They don't seem to get warm at all as the whole case is metal and acts as a large heatsink.
    I opened one up and it looks like the same monolithic chip as in the DTA45 35W 2-ch example in the OP.
    Sound is comparable to my high-end OEM headunit and there is no clipping of the heavy bass that I can tell.
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    I maybe have stolen that link/idea from your posts

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    I have picked up one of the "motorcycle" 4 channel amplifiers for my CarPC install. Specifically the Phonics Digital PD-IC4CH.

    While I have not had time to sufficiently bench test this product here are some specs:

    4 CH Full Crossover (LPF-HPF-FLAT)
    Sensitivity Input Control
    Remote Soft Delayed Power On
    Gold Plated Terminals
    Power On LED

    * 300W Peak
    * Selectable Crossover: LPF,FULL,HPF
    * 4x30W RMS @ 4 OHM Mono

    I am not sure it meets your size requirements but it is not very large at It's appox 5.5" X 6.5". Can't be much larger than setup pictured by RevheadKev if at all.

    Just bringing to light a motorcycle 4 channel option vs dual two channels.

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