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Thread: New to Custom Audio, Need Help

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    i use a set of peerless hds 6.5" mids(the nomex cone, without phase plug-- it has a slightly smoother off-axis response), a set of dayton audio ND28F-6 1-1/8" tweeters--the extra 1/8" really helps smooth the tweeters out. i also run a pair of kicker cvr's in a too-small box.

    at this time, i run a active setup, with the carpc doing all the audio routing and manipulation, with a alpine mrp-f350 4ch amp for the mids and highs, and a crummy sony 600w amp for the subs..

    right now, i am wrapped up in some lighting mods, so because the sound system works but isn't perfect, it stays as-is until i have care more..

    the current plan is to ditch both amps and subs for the jl hd series amps--a 600/4, and 750/1, and replace the subs with a single 10, or 12 in a correctly-sized box--unknown at this time-- i keep flopping between the w6, dayton referance series, and many other subs talked about on diyma-- i really haven't researched it, so it remains a unknown..

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    Always use new wire. Car manufacturers use the cheapest stuff they can find.

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