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Thread: Utilizing Touchscreen Input from Pioneer AVH-3100DVD

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    Utilizing Touchscreen Input from Pioneer AVH-3100DVD

    This is a long shot, and I'm almost certain it's not technically possible, but I'll ask anyway. I have an AVH-3100DVD in my car, which has an Aux-Video input. Because of this, if I wanted to run a simple CarPC I could use it as a display. Not a good or a high-resolution screen, mind you, but nonetheless...

    Now, here's the long shot- is there a way to get this head unit to output its touchscreen inputs to be used as a control interface for the PC? Otherwise you'd be turning on Aux-Input and then just using a wireless mouse, which is less than elegant. I doubt it's a possibility, but the Pioneer head-units of that style are common and ubiquitous enough that I figured maybe someone had tried. Thanks. -Ted

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    there really isn't a way.

    granted, it might be possible to grab the touchscreen wires before they enter the HU circuit board, and build a controller for it, but then you need to create a switch to switch between functions(otherwise pressing a HU feature button would result in a mouse press where you don't want it.)

    but you still need to determine what type of touchscreen teh hu uses, and if you are able to get a usb adapter for it. imo, more work then it's worth.

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