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Thread: BMW Audio Outfitting

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    BMW Audio Outfitting


    Im buying a BMW and the car i'm buying has a cassette player and cd magazine in the trunk.
    I wanted to outfit the interior with a cd player and put in some new speakers.

    The car i'm buying is BMW 320 E46 TDI 2005 model and i really haven't checked how many speakers or what size i can put in by default. (I just know its not Harman Kardon).
    So, i bumped into this site and it sounds like the correct place to ask(wasn't sure if should post in Car audio or Newbie section), can anyone tell me what size of speakers can fit? Any recommendations for good speakers that will fit? (I was going for DLS speakers).

    I found this outfitting package for the front panel which im hoping will fit.

    However im not entirely sure what type of cable will be needed to connect it with the volume controls on the steering wheel.
    Volume controle Steering wheel
    Someone told me to use the PC99-X33 but i have no idea really.

    Any suggestions/help/advice/tips appreciated.

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    your going to be better off looking for a vehicle-specific forum. they will have more details on everything..

    this forum's focus is really on installing compters in cars. i know there are a couple beamer owners around here, but no idea if they will see this thread in a reasonable amount of time, or if they are familiar with your model.

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