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Thread: Problem with sub/amp

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    Problem with sub/amp

    I'm new to this whole thing. I have a Mustang, I've kept it stock so it has the original Mach audio system in it. I had a friend several years ago (and I don't know where he is anymore) put a sub in with an amp. I did it because the original system had no bass at all hardly. I've tried to keep it all stock because the car is rare and worth some $$$$. This is the only aftermarket thing I've done to it. Anyway, when I turn the stereo up (3/4 or greater) if I keep it there long enough (sometimes 30 seconds, sometimes not at all), it pops and resets everything...the clock, my stations....everything. The last time it did this, the amp and sub quit working. Did I overdrive my amp and burn it up? It's never really been more then warm to the touch even when I've been in the car a long time with the radio turned up. Please help!!!

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    Welcome to MP3car. This site is really more designed towards integrating PC's into your vehicle so you may not get a ton of replies like you would on a straight car audio site but I'll take a stab at this one.

    I'll bet he wired the sub amp to the same power source as the factory amp and that circuit is not capable of supplying enough power to run the factory stereo plus the new amp. If this turns out to be the case, the solution is wire the sub amp directly to the battery with the approriate fuse, wire guage etc.
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