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Thread: 2002 Ford Explorer... Wanna go big, not home

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    2002 Ford Explorer... Wanna go big, not home

    Hello all, not sure if this is the place to post this, but here is something 've been wanting to do forever.

    I want to set-up a CarPC set-up that can act as a high end complete audio system...

    The space for the touchscreen is a DIN and a half, but can be custom cut to fit double din radios. So I believe a 7 inch touch screen would be great.

    I'm going to to use 4 kicker solo baric l7s, two 1800RMS amps for subs, and a small amp(600W) for mids and highs. With all of the vibration thats going to be in it, I would prolly needs a SSD HDD? I am a computer major, so I know all about home and work systems, and I know all about setting up audio systems in cars. So I want to combine the two...

    I want the CarPC to to AM/FM(HD preferably), CD(I have access to slot-loading laptop drives, and can fab a bracket, and a hole in the radio bezel to put them, and MP3 from USB devices.

    If possible I also want an pretty nice equalizer.

    I pretty much want the CarPC to do everything for me...

    Wifi support would be nice for web surfing for the passenger. Any ideas? Money isnt that much of an option... I'm selling a truck for around $2200 to do this project with. That also includes the subs, amps and wiring, but I work at Best Buy, and we have an AMAZING employee accommodation with kicker...

    Oh, and the explorer is a supercharged 4.0 SOHC, so OBD-II support for real time datalogging, checking computer codes, and displaying engine parameters(engine temp, trans temp, RPM, air fuel ratio) would be sweet also.

    Then I can switch between the real time engine displays, and music selection easily...

    Sorry to be such a pain in the butt, but i want people to see that when it comes to my vehicle electronics, i dont play around.

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    this might be better moved to the newb section as much of it deals more with the general carpc, and not the audio install.

    i will try to help with what i know, but don't use am/fm or obd..

    it sounds like what your trying to do is perfectly feasible.

    the hdd is really personal preferance. if the hdd's are mounted decently-- preferable in a area away from the subs, either version will work. ssd's are def. much more desireable, but to many the extra cost is not a justifiable expense.

    it seems like you are more spl-based then sq-based, so i doubt it, but have you considered having the carpc manipulate the audio?

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    A work log would be nice
    Quote Originally Posted by Lincolnman View Post
    Your English is fine, don't apologize. You're doing better than most Americans.

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    i guess he couldn't go big, so he went home

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