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Thread: Audio Output from Aspire Revo not good

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    Audio Output from Aspire Revo not good

    Hi following on from another thread thought id chuck it up in a more specialiesed section

    just installed my 3rd revo in a car, none of which i have access to now but all worked flawlessly, now in my new car i have trouble

    The audio output from the machine is poor, if i turn up volume on the machine to max the sound quality is distorted once being fed into the car headunit.

    tried using iphone and different laptop both of which play music and good volume not distorted and car works fine.....

    have tried using an external sound card and this has the same problem any ideas.....

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    is the radio and the carpc getting power from the same wires?

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    do you have the latest audio drivers?
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    Computer was fully updated Via windows before it went in the car, no option to roll back drivers either....

    i ran a fresh feed from the battery for the PC and even made a new ignition feed using a relay from this same new feed taken a trigger feed from the existing ignition circuit

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