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Thread: Would this set-up and sound card work?

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    Would this set-up and sound card work?

    Im going to be using just my front speakers, and my subwoofers. I plan to use two separate amps, one for the fronts, and one for the subs. With this sound card could i run RCA cables from the amp to the sound card, then run a cable that goes from RCA to 3.5MM from the amp to the sound card for my sub connection?

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    I personally hated that card. Sound quality was worse than the previous sound blaster 24-bit USB, and the line-in and mic-in are wired so you cant use both. Others might have had a better experience though. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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    ^ the turn on pop was the nail in the coffin for me. it does emit sound, though it never made it to my car, so i never heard the difference in sound quality(just used some 2" drivers for testing while it was on the bench)

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    WHat would be a good quality, yet an affordable card to go with? WHat i like about this one is that it has the RCA jacks for the front speakers. So i can simply connect the amp up without needing a conversion cable.

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