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Thread: Need a sound processor/line converter for stock head unit in 04 murano

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    Need a sound processor/line converter for stock head unit in 04 murano

    Ok, I've been through 3 products so far, all of them being JUNK. I have an 04 Murano with bose head unit, and 2 pioneer amps, and pioneer 12" shallow sub. I'm trying to look for a good and reliable sound processor/converter that I can hook into my amps.

    The ones I've tried

    1. PAC SOEM-4 - Worked but bass was horrible, due to stock HU decreasing bass when volume is turned up, returned to Amazon.

    2. Re.q 5 - Again worked, sounded good, but left me with an annoying high-pitched rpm based whine, worked with tech support, and they deemed the unit defective, returned to Amazon.

    3. Hifonics MX-1 - Sounds great, but the hardware is a piece of JUNK! I've had one unit replaced within 2 months, and this 2nd one is now having problems. I've contacted tech support and they deemed both units defective. Also note their tech support is HORRIBLE, 95% of the time it goes straight to voice mail and they don't call back. Luckily Amazon took it back after 3 months.

    So now I'm in the market for one that is good and won't break in a few months. Need a recommendation asap as I have no music till I get one.

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    You've got a solid backend on the system, why not finish the job and put in a decent HU or better yet, a car PC!
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    I wish I could but you cant remove the stock radio system. Technically you can but the dash is not a normal din size. And theres a board behind it preventing you of even attempting to fit a different radio. I bought the alpine imprint h660

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    a carpc only requires the screen in the dash-- many times less then 1" thick..

    though, to be fair, i should warn you that this forum is really focused on installing computers in cars, so our opinions on the subject are a little biased.

    from a audio standpoint, it really sounds like the factory hu is your problem, and honestly, if it was my car, i would either sell the car, or figure out a way to replace the hu...

    depending on how handy you are, there are plenty of people that have extended the faceplate to allow for some very creative mounting options in space-limited installs.. but that usually requires some decent soldering skills.

    believe it or not, the adaptability of the audio system played a huge part in my last car purchase..

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