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Thread: Volume/Audio control from CarPC to Audio out

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    Volume/Audio control from CarPC to Audio out

    I have a carPC installed in my vehicle,and when i put the volume on the carpc to 1% volume its very very loud, like as if it should be at like 80% volume. Is there a way to get more accurate volume adjustment? I'd like to be able to cycle through volume levels as i normally would in my home, or on an mp3 player for example, but one click on volume + is already really loud.

    My frontend is RR if that helps for any matter.

    Thank you
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    Turn the gain down on your amp a little bit if you use one. I don't use road runner, but in CentraFuse, it uses a few different sliders from the mixer to control volume. Like master, wave, preamp. I have my wave and preamp at 50% because my volume is also pretty loud.

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    ^i agree.

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    Sounds good, thank you guys, I will check it out.

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    that's what i do... i never turn ride runner past like 7%... it's just too loud

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    You guys don't have your mixer settings correct.

    In the audio settings slide the wave and media-in lines down lower. Then the master control will have more granularity.
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