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Thread: Car PC 4 channel audio problem

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    Car PC 4 channel audio problem

    I am new to the Car PC sence,

    I have a 4 channel amp and use 4 channels off my 8 channel sound card. If I watch HD video I have full 4 channel surround all four speakers work as surround.

    When I play stereo music files the audio only comes out of the front speakers only.

    How can I change this to play stereo music through all 4 speakers, whilst keeping the surround sound for movies.

    Thanks in advance Tom.

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    By its very nature, stereo is only 2 channels and will only have information to play on 2 speakers.
    What operating system are you running ?
    Somewhere in your soundcard setup there should be a setting something like "speaker fill for stereo sources" which automatically diverts a copy of the left+right to the rear for stereo.
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    Thanks for the reply I am currently running windows 7 Ultimate.

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