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Thread: Need help confused... Four subs in box and one amp.

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    Need help confused... Four subs in box and one amp.

    Alright so I got a Sony xm-2002 gtr for my amp. And I have two mtx 10in subs hooked up.. And I'm trying to put in two obicon 10in subs as well. From the research I've done my amp is two channels but I don't get how to hook up the second set on subs... Some one please help.

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    Since you didn't mention any specs for your subs, I'll assume they all have one 4 ohm coil.

    The amp puts out 250 watts RMS x 2 channels at 2 ohms. That means that you can put the two MTX in parallel on one channel and the two Obicon [?!] in parallel on the second channel.

    However, 2 x 250W for 4 subs? That's way too low, the subs will take a lot of space and won't put out much power. Tell us the complete models for all subs and we may help more.

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    i don't recommend doing it. not for the physical connections, but the sound quality-- having 2 different brands of subs means that they will fight each other at times. some times, the bass will be really loud, and then, at other times, the bass will not exist-- because the subs are not designed to work together.

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