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Thread: CarPC ASIO / VST for advanced EQ'uing

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    CarPC ASIO / VST for advanced EQ'uing


    What I want to achieve is separate EQ for fronts, rears and subwoofer. RideRunner plays through winamp so I thought that would be best idea to use Winamp plugins to achieve my goal.
    What I was thinking is let winamp feed some music, then direct it to the VST host and there I could create separate channels for fronts, rears and sub, apply my own eq-each different for each set of speakers, and then redirect it all back to the Winamp sound plugin.
    On top of that there could be a global EQ for all channels.
    I have been searching for some easy resolution to this (available as ready front-end possibly?) but couldn't find.

    Anyone knows how to achieve this and if this is possible at all? I presume I would need a sound card with multiple hardware and ASIO selectable outputs. I can even consider using 3 separate sound cards just to achieve that if needs be ! (lol) - and output 3 differently EQ'ed signals to each of the sound card?

    If this is achieved, this leads to further possibilities, like Time Alignment, just by adding another effect delaying output sound inline with EQ.

    I am not familiar with VST really, I have only used Toontrack Superior Drummer with my e-drum kit, but how to set up something as above? All I know that there are plenty of VST EQs, basic and advanced, which would allow for really superior EQ ing system.


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    your one section off

    check the high end car audio section-- it's focus is exactly that.

    and being that your not completely familiar with it, here is a quick writeup i did to get a generic setup running:
    How To: Basic setup in AudioMulch

    imo, asio is not needed. i could not tell a difference in my setup, so i just use directsound, though many others say they can tell a difference..

    also, while i started by using Console, it is not only has not been updated since 07(, but also lacks a lot of features. i have since started using audio mulch, and am a lot happier with it, even though it is $200 for a license.

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    Hey, I have read here and there something about AudioMulch, but by a very quick glance at their website I thought it's just some kind of another version of iTunes, now that you've told me I have looked a bit more in depth and if it does what it looks it does, this would be IT ! I am going to try it now, if I only am able to choose 3 different SoundOuts, this will do the exact job.
    There will be another problem possibly later on - how to integrate with f.e. RideRunner (AudioMulch in background), so I can assign a keyboard shortcut to recall one of the eqs at just a press of a key, hope they have thought about global shortcuts.
    Anyway, thanks for AudioMulch info !

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