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Thread: High freq distortion

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    High freq distortion

    This is my system:
    Intel BOXDG45FC using on board audio
    Crunch 1000watt amp
    front stage: logic 6.5 /tweet components
    rear stage: Tang Band W8-740P 8" Subwoofer

    I have high freq distortion at any sound level. Not sure if I should get off onboard audio with usb audio: Sound Blaster. I don't have any EMI or engine whine at all. When I play pandora through the system I here hiss between tracks and the high freq noise all the time. It sounds like the crackling on paper.

    Any suggestions I could explore would be greatly appreciated.

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    To isolate where the problem is coming from:

    Unplug the jack from the audio out on the mainboard and plug it into a portable audio device (with the volume turned right down of course) see if the noise is still there. Also maybe plug some headphones into the audio out of the mainboard, again making sure the volume on the PC is down. A crackly kind of noise would indicate to me a blown input stage or something, I can usually tell if I can hear it. If you could make a recording of the noise and post it that might help.

    Onboard audio on modern mainboards is usually OK, many years ago some onboard audio was truely horrible, but now days there's not much difference between onboard and external sound cards as far as DAC's go.

    Maybe also a more detailed description of your setup, which speakers the noise is coming out of, what you are using to control volume, etc...

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    how high is the gain on your amp set?

    usually a constant hiss or crackling is indicative of having the gain's set to high..

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    The crackling sound is from the tweets. I'm using centrafuse to control volume. I thought maybe it was that i was playing pandora through the phone, but its constant with boomzbox, and mp3's on the harddrive.

    I'll try head phones in the comp out to see if its the amp or speakers vs a computer issue.

    I'll keep you posted.

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