I've searched and found a couple of threads, but I'm not seeing anyone saying whether or not the power can be increased for this or not. I just recently did an extension bench test on my Alpine CDA-9886. It's working at 32" of length on the cable. I'm using Gepco 8 pair cable, I needed 16 wires. I originally wanted the face plate to go up in the headliner but I'm needing the extension to be 8' long in order to do that. So at this point I'm settling for in the dash. But I'm also doing a tablet install, so the unit itself can't go in the dash. I don't need access to the faceplate cause I'll be using the steering wheel controls for volume, channel change, etc. I'm using a bit one processor which has the remote control for volume on the system. I was mainly after the Aww factor of having the face plate in the headliner. SO does anyone know if the voltage, or whatever it is that powers the face plate, can be increased to make this happen?

Thanks for any suggestions or help.

My build log is here: http://www.mp3car.com/worklogs/14881...page-18-a.html and the extension is on pages 22 and 23.

Thank you!