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Thread: Need recommendation on upgrade sound system in a honda fit

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    Need recommendation on upgrade sound system in a honda fit

    I just bought a honda fit the other day. I need some recommendations on a nice sound system. I do not want to do any alterations and i do not want to sacrifice any storage space in the back. I can only replace existing speakers and put any addtional equipment under the front seats. Also note, i ONLY listen to my iphone music. I do not listen to CD nor FM radio. I also want to use the std head unit.

    I went to one dealer, and here is the recommendation.

    High end for fit

    Focal FPP4100
    ARC KS125.4

    Focal 165A1
    Hybrid M6I-2

    Focal 130A1
    Hybrid U51-2

    this is costing around $1300 installed

    Lower cost setup
    Kenwood KAC1502S

    Kenwood KFC1662s * 4
    using std tweeters

    Cost is around $500 installed

    what do you guys think?


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    honda fit head unit

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    sorry, but this forum is mostly centered around installing computers in cars. so the info on audio specific setups is a little slim.

    in general, i don't like to give opinions on speaker selection because very simply, my opinion is rarely the same as anyone elses(i run speakers that were originally intended for home audio because i was never happy with car audio speakers). and every speaker brand has a different sound to it.

    i suggest you listen to the speakers the car audio shop is recommending, and also visit some other shops selling other brands, and listen to what they have to offer in the same price range. pick the one that sounds best to you.

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