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Thread: Dension DH 100 ix . . anybody else got one . .? any alternatives . .?

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    Dension DH 100 ix . . anybody else got one . .? any alternatives . .?

    I have clung on to this hard drive based in dash mp3 player as I have been unable to find any alternative - even car PC's that can do what it is capable of when playing back mp3 audio. I do serious mileage and can spend 7-8 hours behind the wheel so i often listen to audiobooks rather than music . . Some of the ones downloaded are single mp3 files that are 20 hours long with no breaks or bookmarks . . . The Dension unit remembers where you are upto in a file even after powering down and being removed from the car . . . It also has a simple control system ( Old Fashioned , , like me,, ! ) However it is starting to get sulky and I may eventually have to give in and replace it . . . Ipods are out as I can't stand the smug little things . . Car pc would be OK as long as cost and functionality could actually do what I need. The problem with PC based mp3 playback is they forget where you are upto when you shut them down . . . Unless somebdy knows better .?

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    If you go with a PC then a good front end to use would be FreeICEv2. It's still in development but is pretty rock solid right now. It is free, customizable, intuitive, and will start playing directly where you left off. You can get it from here. Just create a user, navigate to the download section, choose the program, Click "download files" and then click "setup.exe"
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