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Thread: Car Stereo help

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    Car Stereo help

    Afternoon all,

    Just a quick question that's been bugging me. I've bought a focus recently which requires a double Din interface and it's pushing me to buy a large screen faced stereo. Now I've seen plenty of them about which have the features I want such as A2DP Bluetooth, rear view camera connector and so on. But if I want one with sat nav the prices go too high. So can I push my Sat Nav on my iPhone to any of these devices? I've seen a JVC and Pioneer do it using specific apps, but I want to use my own choice and not the ones they allow. Any one know of such a device?


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    What about this?

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    It should solve all of those problems as long as your fine with having the iPhone as the head unit. Only downside is its single DIN but that can be resolved with a simple dash kit which aren't expensive.
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