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Thread: Looking for good usb soundcard.

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    Looking for good usb soundcard.

    I am going to build a carpc with a Asus EEE 701 netbook. I have already touchscreen kit to it, and i think this can be a good setup.
    But.. I need a good usb soundcard.
    I can not find so many, but i found "Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 Pro", is this soundcard good?
    My goal is real good SQ, I am thinking if i can use only this card, and if it not so good as i want, i can install a Audison Bit One, or Alpine H701.

    Really need help to choose card, so please help me. What card should you choose?
    I need 5 channels.
    Front left + right
    Rear left + right

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    are you going active, or are you planning on using the bit one for further processing?

    i don't like the x-fi because of it's turn on pop..

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    I have no issues with "turn on pop" using the X-fi. Maybe because I am using only the optical out to a H701, IDN.
    I also found a condensed driver set onlime instead of running the bloatware that came on the CD with it.
    Having said that, I still want to replace it with something that has optical in so I can clean up the sound coming from the Sirius tuner by runnng it's optical out into the sound card. That will also allow me to use only one analogue input for the mic.

    Based on some recommendations here, I ordered a Diamond Digital HD 7.1 card with optical in and tried it. It sounded great but I was only able to get the optical in for the Sirius tuner to work and not the optical out to the H701. I believe it is an issue with drivers. This card comes with a driver disk but only for Vista & older. W7+ is suppose to use the generic drivers from the OS and based on my W8 OS experience, the optical out will not work with them.

    So in summary, the X-fi works perfect with OPT out, maybe not with analogue based on Soundmans experience, the Diamond Extreme sounds good on analogue but it seems to have a driver issue on newer OS's for optical out.
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