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Thread: Hole for center-front speaker in dash

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    Hole for center-front speaker in dash

    How would I cut a hole in the upper flat part of the dash so that I can installed a center-front speaker? I would also like to know how to secure such a speaker and how to install its grill as well.

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    Wait until you need your windshield replaced and use a hole saw

    Depending on your car you will likely have a hard time getting any tools in to cut the hole.

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    don't install a center speaker.. i took mine out..

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    I agree with Soundman.
    The only time I might have liked a center speaker was for home TV for some talkies, but even then I found it too variable and removed it.

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    If you wanting a center speaker for 5.1 content its going to be a waste of effort in such small space a car has to offer(unless its a 60's caddy ),why not use the ffdshow audio decoder and mix the center channel to the left and right channels this should give you a phantom center channel.
    Also if setting up for 5.1 or above sound your more than likely going to loose the rear speaker when playing stereo music unless these(rear speakers) are remapped as well, which defeats the whole 5.1 for dvd ect playback in the first place.You can in theory set it up so you can have both but there is bound to be compromises or the need to alter the setting/config when switching formats...


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    ^exactly why i gave up on it. i bought my car because it had a center channel speaker provision, as well as a double din dash(yes, that is really what sold me on it) and abandoned the 5.1 setup because of those constant hassles/issues..

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