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Thread: kenwood car amp.

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    kenwood car amp.

    Hi i need a little info n the kenwood 4 chnnel 1000 watt amp its the kac-5501f,i have looked on the internet for the specs but nothing there,so hoping someone can help me out.

    What i need to know is what the rms is if i wire 1 sub to it bridged.

    Thanks alot.

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    why would u use a 4 channel to power a subwoofer? just get a good monoblock amp and use the 4ch for the interiors.if u do that u might wind up burning something out

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    Here is some "unofficial info" posted by someone selling one:

    RMS ratings ~
    35w X 4 @ 4 Ohm stereo
    50w X 4 @ 2 Ohm stereo
    100w X 2 @ 4 Ohm mono bridged

    The ability to create 4 channels' worth of output with only a 2 channel input (no Y-splitters needed here!)

    Inbuilt high-level (speaker wire) inputs eliminate the necessity for using a line-out converter if intended for use with a stock head unit and allows the user to incorporate this amp into any system whether basic or involved.

    RCA pass-though outputs allows the user to daisy-chain the HU's output signal to another amplifier without needing to run another set of interconnects from the source.

    Output levels make it a good choice for the DIYer who uses low-power drivers, the just-starting-out novice who needs a bit more punch than their head unit can provide, or someone maybe wanting a decent amp on a budget to drive a set of components.
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    Thanks for the replies but a mate has got 2 2 channel kenwood amps the ones with the power slide doors so just gonna get them for pence and run 1 sub to each amp.
    Would this be okay? The amps are 300 rms bridged and my subs are 330 rms so this would sound good yeah? Thanks.

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