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Thread: car speakers to pc

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    car speakers to pc

    Is it possible to use car speakers and plug directly into carputer. I am going to be using ASRock E350M1 mobo and want to know without running an amp is it possible to get harness plug and wire speakers to PC ?

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    technically, you can connect the speakers directly to the pc-- they will emit sound. but realistically, they will be so quiet, once the motor is running, you won't be able to hear them, even at the highest volume.

    if you're concerned about space, i'd recommend looking at the "motorcycle amp's" on ebay-- most are about the size of a dollar bill, cost about $25-50, and the people that have used them here have reported they are about equal to factory radio's in output.

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    Thanks what kind of motorcycle amp would you recommend ?

    If i run an amp would i have to rewire all speakers in car to amp then take rca outs to input to a car amp?

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