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Thread: House Speakers In Vehicle

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    daclothe - I think that's the best advice I've read for ages!

    (Actually I just saw Refused 2 nites ago. Despite their "Shape of Punk to Come" album being intro'd as house, it sounds great in my car!)
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    I don't think there's any need for 15" subs in a car. I got two 8" 4ohm TangBangs. Put each in a sealed box... never hooked up the second one. You can crank it and feel the bass in your chest.

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    I've always said, spend the money and get one decent 12" sub. A crappy 15" or even 2x 15" will never sound as good. If you want spl sure fill your boot with subs, but for most people a quality 12" will sound far better. 8" (in my opinion) doesn't quite have the extension I like in a sub.

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