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Thread: New Stereo or Amplifier?

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    New Stereo or Amplifier?

    I recently took the rear speakers out and put in some alpine 6x9 speakers. Anyways, these speakers have a max watt output of 260, with a 85watt RMS. I know the stereo can't be putting out over 100 watts at all. So would it be better for me to get an amplifier or just get a higher watt output stereo to match the speakers for best sound?

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    IMO, probably only if you want more volume assuming the speakers sound ok at the moment.

    Most HUs don't put out more than ~25W per channel into 4 Ohm speakers because they only use the available 12V supply (ie, no internal voltage boosting).
    That's an RMS rating BTW, there is little point comparing non-RMS ratings. (Actually there is no point...)

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    Yes they sound ok but I feel they can take more power, so I may end up buying an amp, Thank you OldSpark

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